«When you spend your whole life playing with light, you have defeated death…».Such a bold thought, some might say, which is identical with alexandros parotidis intense personality. He was born in Germany, but he spent his early years in Alexandroupolis. Due to his uneasy spirit, he made lots of roadtrips and took differrent turns in his life, but he was always concentrated into his own personal goal, “light” and “surprise”!Since 2007 he lives in Komotini,being a professional photographer.

But what moves him into taking his camera and searching this “light”? Every resolute moment of our lives, in every second of breathing.Like that camera “click” that you hear wnenever you capture a moment and then live with it.

His route through photography is diverse and not one-dimensional at all; it includes wedding photos, portraits, sceneries and “everyday street happenings”. Chasing light and magic in everyday life!A moto that follows his personal and professional life is one of Pessoa’s sayings «could it think, the heart would stop beating…» cause photography is Love, as Alexandros might say.And that’s the spirit that he wishes to embold in his own personal photos and work.