Words, although charming, had never worked for me as much as a touch or a look.

My thoughts are quite chaotic, so nothing could take shape with that form in my world. I love humans and I think it’s obvious in my work as a photographer. I can’t see a frame without the presence of someone being there or even implied!

Especially women has been the center of my attention and observations for many years. On my walks on the streets… At photographs I made… On movie films as well. Women for me are a mixture of sensitivity, perception and aesthetics. It’s impossible not to be fascinated, not to be seduced!

And of course I couldn’t leave outside the absolute union of man and woman. Union that is perfectly captured by marriage as well as tango. Both marriage and tango are aspects of life that’s impossible to leave you standing still. You have to dive deep. Photography for me is the mean that allows me to express my vision of the world!

I hope you enjoy this life journey as much as I do. If you can have a glimpse through my eyes would be for me the greatest joy.